The goal of the Pašman Resort Project is the development of a top-quality, high-end and immensely attractive tourist destination of the highest category with an innovative marketing concept that should enable sustainable tourist development on the island of Pašman, while preserving natural characteristics of the area and respecting the local tradition and cultural heritage.

The Project would include the construction of hotels, tourist apartments, villas, berths, beaches, etc., capacity of up to 5,000 beds in the final development phase, including accompanying facilities and required public utility installations in the project area.

The area of the Project boasts untouched nature, contains no buildings and is located along an 8km long sea shore with the total area of approximately 235 hectares, of which approximately 100 hectares represent Construction area (2 zones per 50 ha with a maximum possible accommodation capacity of 2500 beds, a total of 5000 beds), logistic zone 5 ha and 130 ha of horticulture and recreational zones, of which 80 ha are foreseen for the potential golf course.

An additional goal of the Pašman Resort project is the construction of a bridge which would connect the northeastern part of the island of Pašman with the mainland (in the area of Biograd on Sea), with length of 2,2 km. The bridge, already designated in the spatial plans of the Republic of Croatia, should ensure further positive effects for tourist resort operations, as well as for the overall development of economic and social categories on the islands of Pašman and Ugljan.

The Project location is listed in the spatial planning documentation under the working title of South Pašman.

The Pašman Resort project represents one of the biggest greenfield investment projects in Croatian and European tourism.

Investment value is estimated at approx. 500 mil. EUR.