Creating a sustainable Mediterranean escape

Pašman is not a simple tourist resort, but a sustainable community. The Resort provides a sensible split between residential and holiday units. Seventy percent of the development are villas, apartments and town houses, a substantial amount of which is affordable staff accommodation. This, together with a vibrant tourism offer, will ensure that the resort is working all year round.

Developing villages with distinctive characters

Two separate villages invite for exploration: Village A with its buzzing harbour, the Peninsula; Village B, the elegant country village with the exclusive spa district. Each one will be defined by its own distinctive personality and uniqueness but tied together by its shared architecture and Dalmatian heritage. The hubs of the development are the village plazas, which are surrounded by active shop fronts and cafes. Narrow, breezy streets will lead to and from the villages, enabling pedestrians to be surprised at the scenes that open before their eyes.

Offering activities all year round

Pašman Resort is a real community, populated with real people that live real lives. It is not just a vacational resort, it is a place to live and grow, and thus it will be lively and active throughout the year. At the resort, we will provide a wide range of sports, cultural and educational facilities. Rather than ignoring the seasons, Pašman Resort will organise different events that celebrate life around the calendar.


Safeguarding Pašman’s tranquillity and beauty

Pašman’s tranquillity and beauty are two of the island’s key assets. The gently rolling landscape is lush and varied and the water crystal-clear. At Pašman Riviera Resort, distinctive local plants and the natural setting will be maintained. The resort villages are embedded with  beautiful olive trees and vineyards. Newly planted species will reflect the variety of the Mediterranean fauna throughout the seasons. Furthermore, the development will be carbon-neutral as well as being car-free.

Integrating ecological best practice

Pašman Riviera Resort will be a zero carbon project. Building materials chosen for the project will ensure the best use of natural resources and will be sourced locally whenever feasible. Ecological building design will be implemented and the reuse and recycling of material will be heavily encouraged. The exclusion of cars within the development will have a positive effect not only on the wildlife and wider environment, but also the tranquillity and peacefulness of the resort.

Capitalising on the Kornati islands

The proximity to the Kornati National Park is one of the resort´s prime assets. The islands are characterised by a rich wildlife, lonely beaches and crystal-clear water. The resort will offer day and overnight trips to the Kornatis, capitalising on its tranquility and beauty at Pašman´s doorstep.


Fostering community integration, pride and entrepreneurship

Pašman is renowned for its community spirit and Pašman Riviera Resort is no exception. We encourage integration, social interaction and the formation of close ties amongst community members. The local workforce, local residents and holiday makers share the same facilities and environment and develop the same passion for the land, the culture and the people. Pašman Riviera Resort is the place where different cultures merge and live the Mediterranean dream.

Providing local employment and work spaces

The well-being of the local population has been given special attention. Local people will have the opportunity to open and run businesses within the resort. Employment opportunities are varied and range from farming to managerial positions. It is estimated that after three years, around 1,100 local jobs will be provided. The main town centre also includes work spaces for local businesses.

Experiences for everyone

What we offer at Pašman Resort and what our visitors and residents willingly buy is a set of experiences. While its location will differentiate Pašman Resort and will assure its uniqueness, it must be an experience that can be lived and enjoyed. Pašman Resort has something for everyone: for education and entertainment, for those who are looking for an escape of their everyday life and those who seek the big adventure.