General concept

The general concept of the resort is deliberately low key and relaxed, designed to capture the warmth and spirit of Dalmatian picturesque villages. Its plazas, sinuous streets, aromatic Mediterranean gardens and beautifully stoned trails draw their charm from a very diverse architectural heritage – ranging from the Venetian Republic and the Habsburg Empire to Classical Greece and Rome. Here one feels freed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The walk along the resort offers a different perspective. Roofs layer against each other and against the sea, rather than against the sky. The spirit of the place becomes clear once one contemplates the village from a vantage point. Away from the midst of activity patterns, pauses, movements and shadows are emphasised. Steep side streets pour strolling people like blood through veins, a living fluid flowing up and down, plaza after plaza, nourishing public spaces with a vital flow of human life. This is a place for pedestrians. Every step reveals new compositions in windows, doors, mouldings, a stimulating and inspirational dialogue with the past and the present, every encounter a memory to keep. A marine perfume, scents of lemon and lavender pervades every lane. Each detail in the Pašman Riviera Resort offers its immense beauty as an integral part of the whole – a truly unique and harmonious community.