The 8 kilometres of undulating shoreline on Pašman’s southwestern coast, commanding magnificent views of the islands of the Kornati National Park, has been a coveted natural vacation spot, informally, since the days when the Romans called it Postimana. Formally, this area was identified in the 1970s by UN as the most promising resort opportunity in the former Yugoslavia. It has been waiting for a long time to fulfill its vast potential, but even that waiting has been fortunate.

The island and this irreplaceable property have been spared the overdevelopment and exploitation that has been rampant throughout the rest of the Mediterranean. It is hard to know what might have become of the place if it had been developed in the ’70s, ’80s or even just a few years ago. But we can be grateful that the opportunity still exists for us today, and the responsibility for the realisation of the full natural potential of this resort is ours.

What we build here will be modern and exciting, new and pleasurable. At the same time, it will root deeply in what has always made the Mediterranean an ideal place. What we are working to create, and what those of us who come to live here will continue to create is a way of life; life as it should be; life as it has grown in the sea-kissed soil of Pašman; life we can pass with love and pride to our children’s children.